Buying from India: Show prices in US $

Ordering clothing from India is easier now than it was a few years ago, but it can still be confusing. 

For instance, the price is usually shown in Indian rupees (INR; symbol )--naturally. How much is that in US dollars (USD)? It depends on the current exchange rate, which you can look up online.

Many websites now include a small item in their menu that says currency or INR, or shows an Indian flag icon. Click down and select USD or a US flag icon to display prices in US dollars instead of rupees.

On the Sundari Silks website, it looks like this:


On the Unnati Silks website, it looks like this:

For the sharp-eyed reader, I'll just mention that the salwar kameez fabrics shown in the Unnati Silks screenshot are NOT strapless salwar kameez. The fabric is not stitched until someone buys it and sends stitching and style instructions, and what you see in the photo is simply the fabric wrapped and pinned around the model. 

I should also mention that although these two sites carry many beautiful artisan-woven traditional fabrics from various Indian states and districts, none of the fabrics would be popular in our local desi community, which is mostly from northern India (Punjab) and Pakistan. However, these sites might be good resources if you live near a community in which sarees are considered daily wear—or if you're fascinated by different varieties of cotton and cotton-silk. Last I checked, both sites offered saree blouse stitching at reasonable prices, though my friends who needed a blouse size XL or larger had to order separate contrast (plain color) or gold cotton-silk blouse fabrics to go with their sarees from Unnati Silks because the included blouse pieces could only be stitched to size L.

Back to the subject at hand: if a site doesn't show prices in dollars, check their shipping policies to make sure they ship to the US. If so, use a currency converter (app or website) and enter the INR price to find the price in USD.

As a rough rule of thumb, 1000 rupees is about $15. As I write, the exact exchange rate is 1 US dollar to 68.24 rupees. Here's an example of how the price calculates out:




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